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Legs feed the wolf.

We feel our program represents an extremely unique opportunity for individuals that love the game of lacrosse, to both play the sport and enjoy the variety of opportunities that come along with attending a top-ranked University.

Northeastern University is a great place to get an education. Northeastern is a leader in cooperative education (voted #1 by US News & World Report). Students graduating from NU do not only acquire a top-rated college degree but also gain years of professional experience working at top companies in their chosen field. Combined with the city of Boston and its proximity to Fenway Park, Northeastern offers a unique opportunity for students looking for a top-tier education in one of the country’s most exciting cities.

Our team offers a very competitive lacrosse experience on a national scale without the overwhelming pressures and time commitment of a DI NCAA lacrosse program. Our student-athletes are expected to maintain a full dedication to the program and team commitments but are provided the latitude to focus on academics. Players are encouraged to take part in various activities beyond lacrosse and we are proud of the diversity of experiences our players graduate from the University has participated in.

 All members of our organization are committed to winning a National Championship and we prepare, practice, and work towards that goal on a daily basis.

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